Xplor is a natural adventure park located in the Riviera Maya just 10 minutes south of Playa del Carmen and about 50 minutes south of Cancun. A visit to Xplor will have you sailing high over the jungle canopy on zip lines, exploring underground rivers and off-roading in amphibious vehicles.

1. The Underground River

The breathtaking underworld of Xplor is not manmade, it's the work of mother nature. Fresh groundwater and rainwater dripping though cracks in limestone have created spectacular underground rivers and countless stalatites and stalagmites.  There are two ways to explore what's below the surface, you can swim or pilot your own raft. We suggest you try both!

*Note: Never touch the stalatites and stalagmites, they only grow between a quarter-inch and an inch every century.

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2. The Oasis

All the climbing, swimming, flying and driving is going to make you very hungry. Xplor features an extensive buffet in El Troglodita restaurant, but in between activities visit The Oasis, a snack area where you can refuel. Try fresh juices, smoothies and yummy oatmeal cookies. Don't miss the "Zipline" a smoothie containing peanut butter, vanilla, oats, sugar, milk, banana and ice.

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3. The Amphibious Vehicles

Get an adrenaline rush Xploring jungle trails, underground caves and even a suspended bridge in your own amphibious vehicle. This jeep-like off-road vehicle can handle land or water. Watch your speed though, you don't want to get stopped by the Xplor police!

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4. The Jungle Canopy

Do you dare to step off of a 150 foot tower? Xplor features the highest ziplines in the area, and follows the strict safety procedures, so you'll feel secure at all times. Conquer your fear of heights while soaring above the tropical jungle. Don't forget to look down or you'll miss the jaguars and crocodiles below.

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What should I bring?

A bathing suit, board shorts, a rash guard swim shirt and water shoes

Biodegradable sunscreen

A towel

A change of clothes

Don't miss Xplor for a day of fun and adventure in the Riviera Maya or visit Xplor sister parks, Xcaret and Xel-Há.

What is your favorite thing about Xplor?

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