Name the Sea Turtle Contest

Have you ever imagined that a sea turtle can literally give you the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the World? Well, it is true!

At Yucatan Holidays, we care about the environment and we love protecting the different plant and animal species that live in our region. Each year, from May through September, hundreds of sea turtles visit the pristine beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya to lay thousands of eggs. Each turtle lays between 100 to 200 eggs!

Time has passed and now, the little turtles are hatching. This is why TODAY we launch the “Name the Sea Turtle” Contest! This is what you have to do:

STEP 1. Take a look at the baby sea turtle photos below. Pick a name for the turtle and think why you picked that name.

STEP 2. Write in the comments area below the name you chose for the little turtle and the reason or the story of that name in a couple of lines.

STEP 3. Invite your friends to visit and LIKE the Yucatan Holidays Facebook page:

STEP 4. You have ONE WEEK to send the name for the baby turtle and the story! (only ONE name per person) On Wednesday, September 1st at 6PM (CST) the first phase of the contest will be over!

STEP 5. On Friday, September 3rd at 12PM (CST), we will post the 10 best names (picked by the jury) on our Facebook Page. Once published, you’ll have to tell your family, your friends, the friends of your friends and everyone else to LIKE the name you chose!  Remember: To vote, they have to LIKE the Yucatan Holidays Facebook page first!

STEP 6. Last day to LIKE (vote) is Friday, September 10th at 12PM (CST). On that same day, the winners will be announced!



Your favorite part. This contest will have 3 winners.
1st Place: 5-day / 4-night stay in Cancun* + 2 Dolphin Encounter adult tickets (Take a look at the Dolphin Swim gallery )

2nd Place: 5-day / 4-night stay in Cancun* + Lobster Dinner Cruise (Take a look at the Lobster Dinner gallery)

3rd Place: 5-day / 4-night stay in Cancun*

Yucatan Holidays, Dolphin Discovery and Columbus Lobster Dinner Cruise want you to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Cancun! So start thinking, pick your name, and tell your friends to vote!



I need a name!!Hello, my name is ______________ My name is Turtle, Sea Turtle.

Baby turtle says: “You give me a good name, and I’ll help you win!!”

* 5 days / 4 nights of hotel accommodation in Cancun (not all inclusive accommodation) for 2 adults and up to 2 kids (less than 12 years old). You’ll be able to choose between two of our Cancun hotels: Ocean Spa Hotel &  Laguna Suites Golf + Spa

- Airport – hotel transportation.
- The chance to upgrade your prize to all inclusive or to our luxury Hacienda Tres Rios Resort at a discounted rate.
- Vacation prize is valid for 18 months and has no date restrictions.
- Taxes and activation fee are not included ($169 USD)

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107 Responses to “Name the Sea Turtle | Yucatan Holidays Contest”

  1. Lanisha

    Suggested name: PeeWee
    Baby PeeWee will grow up to be an enormous, healthy, strong turtle. Who will roam the seas confidently giving new meaning to the word PeeWee and showing people that you should never judge a book by it’s cover!

    PeeWee is also my favourite uncle’s name and he is 6foot 4 and fearless, living proof that your name is not a reflection of your character.

  2. Jenny Kerns

    I chose the name “Beatriz” which means “voyager through life.” This beautiful turtle will certainly have many voyages in its lifetime!

  3. Roger Lorenz

    Name: Zimzala
    ZIMZALA at its most simple and basic level, is simply a person(or turtle)who finds peace with the Big Blue lapping at their feet (or flippers!) and sand between their toes (or flippers!).

  4. Batman

    Batman was the first thing that popped into my head!! He looks like a miniture caped crusader-ready to save the day and his fellow tortugas. The 2nd photo represents V for VICTORY. In the 3rd Batman is flexing his muscles & in 4th, Batman is saying “enough of this, let me go-I have work to do!”

  5. Gaby de la Prade

    I chose Mini T. Stitch! Stitch for short.
    I chose this name because this adorable little turtle reminded my kids of “Stitch” from Lilo and Stitch. So I added Mini (for obvious reasons) and The T. stands for turtle (duh) 🙂
    Pretty clever if you ask me. This turtle would be so proud to have that name!!

  6. Gaby de la Prade

    I chose Mini T. Stitch! Stitch for short.
    This adorable little turtle reminded my kids of “Stitch” from Lilo and Stitch. I added Mini (for obvious reasons) and The T. stands for turtle (duh) 🙂
    This turtle would be so proud to have that name!!

  7. Alisa Flabel

    I am naming the turtle, Ripley. The reason I chose that name is from “Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.” (Located in Gatlinburg, TN.) It is a great aquarium with so many different sea creatures and also for people to interaction with them as well. The name also reminds me of the show “Ripley’s Believe it or Not.” When you see these little sea turtles, you just can’t believe it. Love sea turtles!

  8. Linda Malekadeli

    “Seamore” because he lives in the “sea” and he will “see more” as he grows up!!!

    “Seamore” porque él vive en el mar “y verá” más “a medida que crece!

  9. Sandia

    I’d name the turtle “Besamanos” [Bay-sah-MAH-nos]which means “blow kisses” in Spanish which is what I feel like doing whenever I see one of these awesome creatures!

  10. Renee Olavarria

    “¡VIVA”, I once read that sea turtles have existed on earth longer than any other vertebrate animal, they were here when dinosaurs evolved and became extinct, and they survived the Ice Age. Some also associate the turtle with LONGEVITY & wisdom. So with that being said, when I thought of a name I wanted something simple, but meaningful. I came up with “LONG LIVE” and when translated into spanish is “¡VIVA”.

  11. Lil Nugget

    We started calling my grandaughter “Lil Nugget” shortly after she was born it seemed so fitting cause she was just this little tiny bundle of goodness that we just couldn’t get enough of, just like the baby turtle I could watch them all day long! How cool would that be to have a baby sea turtle named after my grandaughter!

  12. Kimi Neikirk

    Cancun Charlie 🙂 I don’t really know why, but that sweet baby just looks like a Charlie and well since Cancun is one of the “sweetest” places on earth I just thought it all went together 🙂

  13. Diane Strymbiski

    First of all, that little cutie looks like an angel with wings. I think the name should be special, in keeping with Mexian history. Being that this is the 200th anniversary of Independence, I want the little turtle named:


    A proud name for a proud little turtle 🙂

  14. Maria Marko

    “Kumala” would be a nice name for the sea turtle.

    Kumala is the same letters as Akumal! Akumal means turtle in Mayan!
    It just came to me and made sense, and sounds good!

    “Kumala” the baby sea turtle!

  15. Dyne

    My name for this little one is: sakihakan
    This is the Cree word for “loved one”, my mother’s side of the family is Cree (native tribe in northern Alberta, Canada). It this would be in honor of my mother who passed away some years ago to Cancer.

  16. Carla Bowes

    Zeke. It means strength of God. Upon hatching, Sea turtles go through one of the largest natural struggles to make it to the water, only 90% of them do. They have several natural predators but humans have the largest impact on them from fishing nets to destruction of their nest grounds. In the pictures, he’s calm and looks so curious. His strength and willingness to discover has kept him alive and healthy, thus Zeke.

  17. LeAnn Ely

    You should name her “Fertile Myrtle the Sea Turtle!”

    We visited Isla Mujeres earlier this summer and saw the sea turtles (maybe mating?). We had just come from Tortugranja, and were standing on Punta Sur and saw something in the water. We surmised that they were Sea Turtles, but it wasn’t until we got home and checked our photos that we realized how well we could see them! It was amazing!

    We love the programs for preservation, so I think “Fertile Myrtle” is a good name to remind folks that their nesting and breeding is important. 🙂

    (I put a link to my sea turtle picture in the website field above.)

  18. Colleen Hosler

    In the Celtic heritage, the name Ula means “sea jewel”. Turtles really are the jewels of the sea, not only because of their gorgeous coloring but also the majestic way they float through the sea.

  19. Jackie

    Precious – because the first thought I had when I looked at that baby turtle was “how precious.” I have read that there is only about a 2% survival ratio (in the wild, a little better under controlled incubation and release) for baby turtles growing to adulthood.So if this one little guy makes it he/she will be precious indeed.

  20. tony cardenas

    YAAKUN….que quiere decir cariño en maya….y es que loq ue necesita nuestro planeta es amor a la naturaleza…amemos anuestroas animales y al medio ambiente…..

  21. Tiffany


    You see, when I blow the dust from my memories of the Mayan Riviera, I can once again smell the syrupy coconut air, feel the lofty sand
    between my toes, the heavy blanket of summer’s humidity finally upon my skin. My longing for the bay in Akumal is tangible.
    The bay where I once swam, years ago, above countless tortugas was heaven. These tiny majestic creatures embody the heavenly
    light which I felt encompass me in that very moment, as I hung across the crystal water’s surface. This is why I chose “Ethel”, because of it’s similiarity to the word
    “Ethereal”, which means “celestial: of heaven or the spirit; peace.” Looking at photos of this noble species, I am sure that if there exists a soul-destination,
    in the very same sense as a soul-mate, the Mayan Riviera is mine.

  22. Darrell Hancock

    My vote is for Toby

    I like the sound of Toby the Turtle kind of Disney esque good name for tourist. I must admit probably popped into my head because of a recent Toby Concert but I still like the name, it’s catchy.

    Also Toby is taken from the name Tobias, in Greek it is Tobiah. The name is both feminine and Masculine. In many English versions of the Old Testament Tobias with the help of Archangel Raphael is able to drive away a demon that is plaguing Sarah.

  23. Kay

    Myrtle the Turtle. There was a baby born in 1964, a premie, who was barely 4 pounds (2 kilos). A tiny thing, she had no bottom. She slept on her stomach always and would poke her head out from under the blankets, like a turtle from a shell.

    Myrtle became her nickname, “Myrtle the Turtle” the new parents called her. The name stuck for years. As Myrtle got older her father called her Myrt for short.

    Myrtle the Turtle got married in 1993, in Akumal Mexico (The place of Turtles). The father of the bride told his story at her wedding about the tiny baby called Myrtle the Turtle. The wedding party cried.

    That was 17 years ago….

    I love you dad!

  24. Elisa

    Ix Chel. As a Goddess of the Earth and Moon, patroness of pregnant women and protector of pilgrims to Cozumel, this seems an appropriate name for a new member of an endangered species. May this name bestow special protection, strength and a long, fertile life on this new life!

    Como Diosa de la Tierra y la Luna, patrona de mujeres en cinta y protectora de peregrinos a la isla de Cozumel, Ix Chel parece muy apropriado para un nuevo miembro de una especie en peligro de extincción. ¡Qué el nombre derrame una protección especial, dé fuerza y una vida larga y fructífera a este ser nuevo!

  25. Mike Kerns

    The turtle should be named “Abella” which in spanish means small and active!

  26. cherish

    i like this name because i think that we should cherish the things that god but here in the seas …for all of us to enjoy….

  27. Cheryl

    ANNABELLA ~ Grace & Beauty, the perfect words to describe a sea turtle. (unless it’s a boy, then the other turtles would tease him)

  28. Stacy Street Edwards

    I think we should name him “Tuttle” as this was my first word when I was a little girl, and I have been in love with turtles ever since! I would love to see the baby turtles on the beach..

  29. Lynn MacKay

    I chose the name “Freedom” because when I was down in the Yucatan this past spring I had an incredible experience snorkeling. A sea turtle swam up to me and was about 1 foot away from me and we swam together for about 20 feet. It gave me such a feeling of freedom being in the blue Caribbean Sea and connecting with this beautiful creature.

  30. Claude Thewissen

    El nombre es Kimalugo, esta hermosa tortuguita nació en las playas de Cancun y gracias a su gran fuerza sobrevivió a los peligros de las grandes especies. Un gran dia de esplendor, conoció a aquella tortuga especial, con solo verla quedo admirada; Se dieron un dulce beso de nariz y el dijo suavemente “eskimal” pero ella escucho “kimal”. Desde aquel día encontraron el verdadero significado y el poder del amor y lo compartieron con las demás especies, el ambiente del oceano se lleno de armonía!

  31. Zach Fricke

    Baby Tortuga

    This name is so cute and would be a bridge between the English and Spanish language, just as the turtles will cross the greatest bridge of all (the ocean) during migration.

    Also, a great parody could be easily made from the popular kids song “Baby Beluga.”

    Overall, this seems to be a wonderful fit! 🙂

  32. Mark

    The first thing I noticed about this little critter was its little wings (flappers), thus, I will call her “Alitas” (pronounced: ah-li-tas). This means “little wings” in Spanish. I think this name is apt because those little limbs play a HUGE part in its survival and we are the luckier for it!

  33. María Beatriz G

    I choose Victoria because it’s hard to her to survive on the sea,with all the danger that can find there.

    Yo escogí Victoria porque es lo que representa la vida de esta tortuguita la Victoria en su lucha para sobrevivir, a las mareas y a los multiples depredadores que en el Mar hay =)

  34. Cara Gourley


    My parents are the type of people that stop traffic to help turtles cross the road. Growing up in Houston, TX my childhood is spotted with temporary turtles that were rescued from busy streets and nursed back to health.

    For one of the first Christmases that I remember, my parents got me a small turtle. We named our new friend Tucker and spent countless hours playing with it in our back yard. They taught me how to feed it and keep everything clean.

    When Tucker got big enough, my parents walked me across the street to the bayou with Tucker. They explained to me that it was time to let Tucker go back to his friends and family

    I let Tucker go out into the wild and he happily crawled towards the bayou.

    The next year, a turtle started to lay eggs in our planter. My dad said that it was Tucker coming back to visit us. (I was a little confused at the gender change but I let it slide! haha)

    Tucker was not the first or the last turtle that came into our lives, but he was definitely the most memorable. Whenever I pull over on the side of the road to help a turtle find its way back to the bayou, I think of Tucker.

    I think that Tucker would be a great name for this little turtle because I hope it enjoys going “back to its friends and family” and “comes back to lay eggs!”

  35. Chris Michalowski

    The 1st name that came to my mind was Yuca Tan Turtle. Keeping the name local, and it fits male or female. My friends that live in the area love the name!

  36. Dianne Avery

    My name is “Tortugita”…Tortuga means turtle in spanish.My friend and I fell in love with wooden tortugas in Merida. Her daughter even used them as her wedding favors! Also, they are believed to bring good luck! So….knowing that “ita” makes something more special…I hope “Tortugita” (the special turtle) will have good luck for himself and all his fellow tortugas!

  37. Carol Bollinger

    I am nameing the baby turtle Princess Diana. The look in her eye is I am going to succeed

  38. Mark Spitzer


    Named for Captain Juan Bautista de Anza who was a Mexican-born trailblazer, explorer and ambassador. In 1774 he was the first person to establish an overland trail from Mexico to the northern Pacific coast of California. He founded the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose and his legacy is the Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail in California, administered by the U.S. National Park Service. Like his namesake, Anza the explorer will be the Yucatan’s new ambassador of goodwill!

  39. Kim Evans

    This sweet new baby turtle should be named “Dawn” the word which means,, when light first appears… How perfect for this baby so new to the world which brings light and smiles to everyone!

  40. Dariela Villalobos

    un nombre maya
    tortuga en maya es aak por lo que propongo que se llame aaky,para que cuente con un nombre muy representativo de la cultura maya

  41. Laetitia benizri

    Hi I think you should name this nice baby turtle “Jimena” in honour of Mexico New Miss Universe !!!

  42. Genaro

    I chose the name Seasol, because Sea turtle’s are not only beautiful creatures, but are generally solitary creatures that remain submerged for much of the time. The name Seasol also, means the “soul of the sea”, or “sol” the “sun of the sea”.

  43. Tina

    Name her “Hope” or ‘Esperanza’, when I look at the baby turtles, they represent hope, for the future, for life!!

  44. Luis Octavio Vela

    La prpopuesta es que se llame ” kuxty” por que:
    Las tortugas simbolizan la SUPERVIVENCIA; si ellas logran sobrevivir a nuestra destructiva y etnocéntrica civilización, todas las demás especies también podrán lograrlo. La palabra maya para supervivencia no existe tal cual hay un sinonimo que es “subsistir” que seria en Maya “kuxtal” y pues un nombre mas pegajoso y acorde a un animalito tan hermoso seria ” K U X T Y “

  45. Lily LaPrada

    His name should be Cosita (tiny thing). Its just a cute tiny little thing, plus it should have a spanish name to show that its proudly from Mexico.

  46. Héctor Valdez Luna

    ” TUN TUN ”

    Elegí el nombre de TUN TUN porque en el calendario maya TUN equivale a un ciclo, o el equivalente a un año en nuestro calendario.
    Las tortugas viven hasta 200 años, el sistema maya es bigecimal, y en este año de festejos del bicentenario de la Independencia y la Revolución Mexicana, me parecería adecuado representar en el nombre de esta bella tortuguita el simbolismo de esta DUALIDAD, que parece cabalística.
    Ojalá este nombre le sirviera de amuleto para que este ejemplar se preserve 200 años.

  47. Mariana

    Para mi se tiene que llamar Morena Canela por que tiene diferentes tonos en la capason mas oscurito y mas clarito del otro. Saludosss

  48. Jenny

    Mr. Boombastic. Because Mr. Boombastic is cool and could survive anything. Even the big blue sea! It’s a catchy name and also in loving memory of my old pet turtle.

  49. faith

    I think you should name the sea turtle


    Seaturtles swim near coral, coral is very beautiful and unique, and Coral is from the sea or water and so is the sea turtle.

  50. rebecca

    “Soñador” simply ’cause having a dream is the only way to live an amazing life and the constancy and commitment with wich turtles grow and face alone the immensity of the sea to live is something written in their eyes and is something we should always remember

  51. Kyle Johnson

    Xel Ak’ – White turtle in Mayan/ tortuga blanca en maya –

    It is a great name – It describe not only the belly of the turtle. It describe the Yucatan not only the pennensula but the state and in the state of the Yucatan the “White City of Mexico” [Merida]

    Es un gran nombre – describe no sólo el vientre de la tortuga. Describe el Yucatán no sólo el pennensula pero el estado y en el estado del Yucatán “la Ciudad Blanca de México” [Merida]

    – gracias me conocen en Kanasin como “El Xel de Kanasin!!!”

  52. Elizabeth Dolphin-grimme

    I choose the name {} Beauty {} as I find her/his so beautiful, as the story goes,

    All things bright and beautiful
    All creatures great and small
    All things wise and wonderful
    The Lord God made them all.

  53. ludovica

    ULISSE because he has to start a long trip in the sea,i hope this trip will take him to a place he could feel like his own home!

  54. shelley Loring

    “Alita” which means “Little Wing” since she will soar in the ocean as graceful as any bird would then come back to the beach where she was born and lay her eggs for a new generation of her own little wing’s!


  55. Gillene

    Her name should be Marina Milagro Joya..she is certainly a Miracle Jewel or the Marine World!

  56. Alfonso Beltran

    I will call her “Aonani” that means beautiful light.

    In nature and in all the cross of the life we try to find the happines, the good things, friends and love. The light represent the possitive energy, the force, the feed of the nature, light allow us to admire all the creation of god. The beautiful light describes this turtle because the nature, the turtle eggs and the persons that care about her has a beautiful light inside.

  57. andrea gamez

    Atlanxochitl: La más bella flor del mar
    the most beautiful flower of the sea

  58. Brigitte

    I would name her ‘treasure’ because she is one of the treasures of our seas.

  59. Jennifer

    I would say Aquene means little one its so small and fragile looking it has such a long way to go

  60. Alison

    I would name the little turtle SANDER. I took my family to Cancun July 2010 and went out around 10:30pm to watch the turtles lay their eggs, then to watch them come out of the nest and fling the sand was amazing. So the name Sander will always remind us of the turtles returning to the Sea.

  61. Stacie P.

    I would like to name the little turtle: Bella It’s short, simple & speaks all languages.


  62. Melissa Horton

    I would give the name “Hope”-  The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.  Hope is such a small word yet complex, vast and optimistic, happy, secure….  Hope is the word for everything in the world, turtles, oil spill marine and bird rescue, love, conservation….beautiful name for a beautiful turtle. 

  63. Claudia Frometa

    I decided to name the Baby Turtle: Uxmali-Yuc

    The name incorporates the site of Uxmal, Yucatan where the structure of The House of Turtles is located and also where a beautiful turtle decorates the entrance of the Puuc Maya site of Uxmal.
    Even though the fucntion of The House of Turtles is unclear, this is an integral part of the Uxmal complex. For the Mayans, turtles were associated with water & the earth. The Atlaslike Maya deity (Pauahtun) who suported the world on his shoulders is sometimes depicted wearing a Turtle shell on his head…

    Therefore, I thought incorporating Uxmal with Yucatan as Uxmali-Yuc pays tribute to the Mayan civilization the place where the House of Turtles is located; i think the name is very appropriate!!! Welcome to our world Baby Turtle Uxmali-Yuc!

  64. Claudia MF

    I decided to name the Baby Turtle: UXMALI-YUC

    The name incorporates the site of Uxmal, Yucatan where the structure of The House of Turtles is located and also where a beautiful turtle decotrates the entrance of the Puuc Maya site in Uxmal.

    Even though the function of The House of Turtles is unclear, this is an integral part of the Uxmal complex. For the Mayans, turtles were associated with water & the earth. The Atlaslike Maya deity (Pauahtun) who supported the world on hos shoulders is sometimes depicted wearing a Turtle shell on his head!

    Therefore, incorporating Uxmal with Yucatan as Uxmali-Yuc is a fitting tribute to the Mayan Civilization & the place where The House of Turtles is located…

    Welcome to our world Baby Turtle UXMALI-YUC!

  65. ronnie

    he is so cute. my brother passed away 12 years ago and he loved turtles. he would of loved seeing this cute litte guy with his name. i really need a vacation.

  66. Darcy

    I want to name this baby sea turtle Rocky. Rocky is a fighter and a winner, and this baby sea turtle will succeed in fighting for its life in the wide blue ocean.

  67. sherri

    i want to name this cute little sea turtle liberty he has a fighting chance. he will make it to the big sea

  68. Nicole

    ahhh! I didn’t see until today we had to post the name here. I think I only posted it on facebook. I had a good one, too….

    Nicole Goodman Lamb OLLIE or OLLY: as in ola or olas. also an ode to the children’s game hide and seek. Olliy olly oxen free (come out, come out, where ever you are)
    August 27 at 12:00pm · LikeUnlike ·

  69. karen mac donald

    name the baby turtle…Luma .. which is moon in brazil .. because they come out at night and follow the glow of the moon to the water…

  70. Melissa

    For a girl i would name her Nina and for a boy i name him Oscar because i think they are cute name 😀


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