MEXICO is the champion of the Cancun Cup 2012. They finished the tournament without losing one game!

The combination of the sun, sand, music, and of course exciting soccer games made for an amazing weekend event. We would like to share the final results and some photos of the event with you.

Sunset Royal Cancun, Mexico


Match results

Fri 10.02.12

14:15  – Spain 4 - USA 2

15:30 – El Salvador 4(3) - Mexico 4(4)

Sat 11.02.12

14:15  – USA 6 - El Salvador 8

15:30 –Mexico 4- Spain 1

Sun 12.02.12

13:00 – Celebrity Game

14:15  – Spain 2 - El Salvador 3

15:30 – Mexico 2 - USA 1

Copa Cancun 2012

Final standings

Champions: Mexico

Runner-up: El Salvador

Mexico flag Cancun Cup 2012

Individual awards

MVP: Agustín (El Salvador)

Top Scorer: Agustín (El Salvador) – 7 goals

Best Goalkeeper: Robles (Mexico)

beach soccer Spain

beach soccer USA

USA team beach soccer

ball boys beach soccer

Corona girls cheerleaders beach soccer

Sunset Royal guests Cancun Cup 2012

Mexico team beach soccer

El Salvador team beach soccer

A Mexico fan watches the games from afar...

Congratulations to all the teams on a great tournament! See you next year!

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