The New York Red Bulls, one of the most renowned soccer teams in the MLS (Major League Soccer) is about to arrive in Cancun to begin their two month preseason schedule for 2011. Yucatan Holidays, the Cancun-based travel agency, is the main sponsor of their preseason visit to Mexico.
Next Friday, February 4th, the New York Red Bulls Rafael Marquezwill be arriving to Cancun’s International Airport and will stay for 10 days in Yucatan Holiday’s Riviera Maya Resort, Hacienda Tres Ríos. Their preseason visit to Mexico includes training sessions and media events, and on February 14th, the team will travel to Guadalajara for a friendly match against Club Chivas on the 15th.

The New York Red Bulls will visit Mexico with all their stars including Thierry Henry, Thierry HenryRafael Marquez and the young John Rooney, brother of Manchester United’s striker Wayne Rooney.
Soccer-specialized agency Gol Marketing is the organizer of this preseason in Mexico. Both GOL and Yucatan Holidays hope to create awareness and to promote sports by bringing international players to the country.
Yucatan Holidays will hold a big sweepstakes in order to give away VIP tickets to an upcoming match in New York City to it’s followers on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t you want to join us?
Visit the Official New York Red Bulls website

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8 Responses to “New York Red Bulls MLS Soccer Team Visits Mexico”

  1. Eddie

    Nice article, but you need to correct the date form January 4th to February 4th. I would like to hear more about their stay at your facility.

    • Yucatan Holidays

      Eddie, thank you very much for the comment! The correction has been made. We’ll have all the information on the blog, including interviews and photos!

  2. Maxi

    Eyyy My son is a titti hernry super fan and he wants to take a picture with him, hi´s 7 years old…can this be possible or be in a training?
    Thank you.

    • Yucatan Holidays

      Hello Karina, where are you staying? The players are training at the Barcelo and staying at Hacienda Tres Rios. Today they are having a match in downtown Cancun against the Atlante, maybe you can join us with your kid!

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