FunFriday with Yucatan Holidays

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Apparently, time passes by more slowly on Fridays, so we want to help you with that. If you are not very busy in the office, take a break and challenge your mind to help us find the answers to this Yucatan Holidays’ Word Puzzle! We have 15 words related to what Yucatan Holidays offers to […]

Understanding the Equinox | Mayan legends

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To be able to understand the mystery of Kukulkan, the descending feathered serpent, we must first travel to the beginning of the legend: Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl comes from quetzal, the Nahatls’ mythological bird and means to fly, to go away. Coatl means serpent, the rattlesnake that means time. Quetzalcoatl means the time that goes away, time […]

Weekend Contest | Yucatan Holidays

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Hello guys! Things have change a bit since I recently read that the kind of giveaways we had each week over our Facebook page, were against Facebook’s promotions guidelines. But, since we won’t stop with the contests, we are finding out different ways to have them without breaking the rules! For this giveaway, you’ll need […]

Photo Essay: 1st Mexican Wine Festival – Grand Opening

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Yesterday afternoon Playa del Carmen, the heart of the Riviera Maya, welcomed some of the most exclusive Mexican wine brands for the grand opening of the 1st Mexican Wine Festival. Sponsored by the eco-park Xcaret, the event brought together tourists, locals, politicians & members of the press. The 1st Mexican Wine Festival ends on Saturday, March […]

The 10 Most Inspiring Travel Pages on Facebook

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Facebook (FB) has about 500 million users worldwide so it’s no surprise that individuals and organizations that already have their own website also have a FB page. One convenient aspect of FB, everything is on that one page. Owners can share highlights from their websites, post interesting links and maybe a photo of the day. […]

Is it Safe to Travel to Mexico?

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Without rattling off a bunch of statistics, in a word, yes. I have been living in Cancun for eleven years and I finally feel the need to speak up. I moved from Chicago to Cancun eleven years ago. Cancun was different then, smaller, less traffic, and not a pair of shoes in my size to […]