An Afternoon in Akumal, the Tranquil Turtle Town

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Akumal is a small beachfront tourist resort located in the Mexican Caribbean 62 miles south of Cancun between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. It is the perfect place to visit for the day and experience a different side of the Riviera Maya. It was officially founded in 1958 as a community for scuba divers. It […]

Weekend Contest | Yucatan Holidays

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Hello guys! Things have change a bit since I recently read that the kind of giveaways we had each week over our Facebook page, were against Facebook’s promotions guidelines. But, since we won’t stop with the contests, we are finding out different ways to have them without breaking the rules! For this giveaway, you’ll need […]

Is it Safe to Travel to Mexico?

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Without rattling off a bunch of statistics, in a word, yes. I have been living in Cancun for eleven years and I finally feel the need to speak up. I moved from Chicago to Cancun eleven years ago. Cancun was different then, smaller, less traffic, and not a pair of shoes in my size to […]

Talking about Safety in Mexico

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Mexico Safety

Finally, someone says it like it is. Mexico’s violence, although problematic for the country as a whole, the country as a whole is not war torn or suffering from non-stop violence. The jobs of journalists are to report their findings in an objective manner but it seems that with major-media corporations, objectiveness is far too […]

A Day on Isla Mujeres | Photos & Tips

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Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, “the island of the women”, is a small island off the coast of Cancun. It is 5 miles long and a half a mile wide at its widest point. While there are plenty of hotels and hostels on the island, it’s also a great place to visit for the day. Of course, since […]

New York Red Bulls MLS Soccer Team Visits Mexico

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New York Red bull Mexico Yucatan Holidays

The New York Red Bulls, one of the most renowned soccer teams in the MLS (Major League Soccer) is about to arrive in Cancun to begin their two month preseason schedule for 2011. Yucatan Holidays, the Cancun-based travel agency, is the main sponsor of their preseason visit to Mexico. Next Friday, February 4th, the New […]

Must-Know Spanish phrases (for your next Mexico trip)

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Mexican Phrases

Traveling to Mexico soon? There are some things we recommend you carry with you for an unforgettable vacation: your camera, city maps, and this list of must-know Spanish phrases. 1. “Disculpe. ¿còmo llego a ___?” “Excuse me, how do I get to___?” Cancun is easy to navigate, but in case you get lost and need […]