About Us

Who we are

Yucatan Holidays is a visionary company committed to providing inspiring and sustainable travel experiences throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, founded by travel expert Erika Garcia in conjunction with the Sunset World.

Yucatan Holidays works with resorts, communities, charities and the environment – all locally – to provide unique holiday options and experiences to travelers. It offers opportunities to travel throughout the Yucatan Peninsula in an authentic manner, while ensuring that the local area benefits positively from ecotourism.

Yucatan Holidays is also proud to support many charities and sustainable development agencies that assist the company in benefiting the areas in which it operates even further.

Erika explains

I saw a trend that other hoteliers and developers didn’t seem to notice. Visitors to our beautiful, Mexico Caribbean paradise were becoming increasingly interested in spending their leisure time immersed in authentic cultural experiences beyond the modern, man-made aspects of the Cancun vacation empire and in wellness-enhancing services that promote relaxation and well-being.

That’s not to say people no longer visit the area to relax on our beautiful, white sand beaches with a margarita and a good book. This will always be the case, but Yucatan Holidays offers travelers a more engaging, multifaceted vacation experience in tune with the natural environment and with the world’s ever-increasing social and ecological awareness.